Storytelling Challenge

სამეწარმეო კულტურა

მომიყევით საინტერესო ამბავი!

  • დონე B1
  • ენა
  • საშუალო


Target group:
Students at Upper Secondary Level (Level B1)

Core Idea:
An object of everyday life becomes something special when it is featured in a story. The Storytelling Challenge teaches students how this works and how to attract and hold the interest of an audience. This challenge can also be completed in a foreign language.

Core Competences:
Narrative competence, creativity, giving and receiving feedback, presentation skills


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Challenge materials

This version of the challenge is only available in English and other languages. As part of the UKids project, this challenge has been translated and adapted into other languages. The materials can be downloaded from the UKIDS section at the bottom of the website.



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