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IFTE – Initiative for Teaching Entrepreneurship – inspiring, fostering and enhancing entrepreneurial thinking

(a non-profit organisation listed in the official associations register of the Vienna Federal Police Directorate, department for matters of associations, assembly and media law – associations register number 604453156).



c/o Treibhaus
Eschenbachgasse 11
1010 Vienna

E-Mail: office at ifte dot at


Purposes of the association:

  • Promoting a culture of entrepreneurship: “inspiring, fostering and enhancing entrepreneurial thinking”.

  • Promoting entrepreneurial ideas as a vehicle of equal opportunities and an instrument for strengthening the economic creativity of individuals for the European market.

  • Promoting the education and training of children, students and teachers in entrepreneurial principles.

  • Encouraging networking between entrepreneurs, teachers and alumni.

  • Encouraging networking between schools and other educational institutions that promote entrepreneurial ideas.

  • Promoting a close cooperation between national and international institutions as well as a close cooperation with EU institutions.


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