Why Entrepreneurship?

The World Needs Entrepreneurs

Independent thinking and responsible actions are the pillars of a viable society. The basis for these competences is created in our childhood and youth and it can be influenced by training and education. It is the creative people, the entrepreneurs, who keep the economy and society going. The aim of entrepreneurship education is encouraging individuals to participate actively in our society. Here are four interesting observations on this topic:

Anybody can Become an Entrepreneur:

Entrepreneurs are needed in all walks of life: in economics, politics, sciences and the private sector. They launch projects and confront challenges in business matters as well as non-profit settings. Big companies need creative employees with an entrepreneurial spirit in order to remain innovative. Entrepreneurs found companies, offer services and thereby help to shape our society on a local, national and sometimes even global level.

Learning from Challenges

Identifying opportunities and developing and implementing ideas are key competences for successfully meeting the challenges of today's world. “Learning from challenges” offers students an opportunity to experience the effectiveness of their actions. Today's students are tomorrow's employees and entrepreneurs. Through their education we can foster their skills and abilities and strengthen their values.

Indicating Opportunities

Entrepreneurship education can offer new opportunities for underprivileged groups of society. Entrepreneurship principles can show young people how they can participate in our society and shape the future – opening up new and real prospects for their own lives. Entrepreneurship education combines general and vocational aspects of education.


If you want to get something done, “Join me!” is a better motivation for others than “Get started!”. Success in entrepreneurship does not come automatically but requires partners for its implementation. The “Youth Start Entrepreneurial Challenges” programme offers a chance at educating a young crowd of entrepreneurs. Join us!