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Find the right challenges for your classroom in just 3 steps.

1. Choose

Decide which challenge is the best fit for your students!

We have a wide variety of challenges for different ages and areas of focus. Our smart filters help you to quickly pick the right one for your classroom.


2. Prepare

All the material needed for each challenge is ready to download!

All our challenges are briefly introduced and come with a unit planner informing you of all the “how-to’s.” Within each challenge family, the challenges build on each other.

You will also find recommendations for challenges to combine with before and afterwards.


3. Inspire

Now it’s your turn – apply the challenges in your classroom!

Adapt them so that they fit best for your students. Have fun!


Bring Enterpreneurship into your classroom.

We have various entrepreneurial formats designed for all age groups from 7-19. Here are just three examples:

Perspectives Challenge

I can understand I am part of my environment.

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Expert Challenge

I can express my opinion properly.

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Real Market Challenge

I can develop a business plan for for the market.

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Mind & Body

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