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Find the right challenges for your classroom in just 3 steps.

1. Select

Select the challenge that best fits your students!

We have a wide variety of challenges for different ages and areas of focus. Our smart filters help you to quickly pick the right one for your classroom.


2. Prepare

Teaching materials for each challenge can be downloaded immediately!

For a better overview, all our challenges are briefly introduced, including information about the target group and the core competences involved.All teaching materials come with a detailed step-by-step description for implementation andare complemented with information sheets, copy templates and presentations.

All challenges in a challenge family build on each other. You will also find information on how to best combine individual challenges in our recommendations for “preceding” and “following” challenges.


3. Inspire

Now it’s your turn – apply the challenges in your classroom!

Each challenge consists of student and teaching materials that were tested in the classroom and can be implemented immediately. Adapt them to achieve the best fitfor your students. Have fun!


Bring Entrepreneurship into your classroom!

We have developed many different learning and teaching formats for all age groups from 7-19. Here are three examples:

Hero Challenge

I can identify someone that is a role model.

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Idea challenge

I can develop an idea and model on how to implement.

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Lemonade Stand Challenge

I can sell things.

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Mind & Body

Do you need something to activate your students or improve their concentration and mindfulness? Watch our videos or read the PDF descriptions.

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