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Mutual understanding - Giraffe-Tool-Box

  • Level A2
  • Language
  • Personal development
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Explanatory Video
A2 Empathy Challenge – Mutual understanding - Giraffe-Tool-Box

Target group:
Students at Lower Secondary Level (Level A2)

Core Idea:
A “Giraffe-Tool-Box” full of Nonviolent Communication tools, as developed by Marshall B. Rosenberg, helps students to understand others and to be understood: using the keys “I see/hear”, “I feel”, “I need” and “Giraffe requests”, the students will learn to express what they see or hear and how they feel and what they need. This way, conflicts can be resolved or even prevented.

Core Competences:
Empathy, articulating one’s own feelings and needs, resolving conflicts


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Last modified: 2021
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